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Coming up in Winter 2023!!! 

4 stunning condos with roof top decks and city views

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All of our investors have stayed after the initial project to continue to work with us on other sites. That is because we offer minimal risk investment. Your investment is always protected. Our attorney ensures that all loans have security and are backed by a recorded mortgage in favor of our investors.

Further, for any personal loans, we offer as much as a 10-15% annual return rate and have a guaranteed repayment time frame of 6-12 month.

We work with our investors to cater to their individual situations and preferences. Your investment, with accrued interest is returned on a day of the Project’s sale.

Join us and grow with us!!!





Sunrise Real Estate Investment Group 

We are a group of professional developers, investors, constructors and brokers specializing in condo conversion projects and single family/condo renovations in Boston and its surroundings. We also own and operate full construction company that specializes in interior and exterior renovations, construction of new homes, code consulting and permitting expedition.

Our extensive experience enables us to have a deep understanding of the market trends unique to the Boston area. We primarily invest in the upcoming and turn around markets, that have a quick growth potential  and cater our condo conversion projects to young professionals and families seeking style and quality. We pride in our projects esthetics and fundamental quality

 We believe that opportunities start at Sunrise!




Ella Goren

Owner / Investor / Broker / Financial Freedom Educator / Investment Adviser 

Gets up at sunrise


Al Legee

General Constructor / Partner
Makes it all happen

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Ensures things are done right


Regina P

"I was lucky enough to be referred to Ella by a friend who has known her for many years and said that she is a trustworthy person.  After I spoke to Ella regarding her future business plans, I had a gut feeling that my investment was guarded with Ella not only because she seemed trustworthy, but because I could tell that her heart and soul were vested in all of her projects and she was going to do everything in her power to succeed.

Three projects later, I am still working with Ella and look forward to investing into her projects again and again.  Since I started working with her, I have referred numerous other people to invest their money with her.  She has always been on time in repaying funds and once I even got my investment back two months early because the project went smoothly and finished ahead of schedule.  She is also quick to respond to any of my inquiries and 99.9% of the time she picks up the phone when I call.  The other .01% she ends up calling back within half hour. I have never had to chase her when I need to get a hold of Ella.  Wishing to Ella good luck to grow her business and to us all to prosper with her!"